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 Roku The New Legend

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PostSubject: Roku The New Legend   Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:38 pm

I just made a new one hope you like it ^^
-Seto Momochi-

Name: Roku/Rokumo

Bending Discipline: Fire - Intermediate

Nation: Fire Nation

Personality: Roku is a caring an out-going guy. He jokes around alot and loves to travel, though he can get serious when the time comes. He is very cautios and serious when he fire bends, so no to unintentionally burn somone. He also intends to be leanaint, and wants to learn as much fire bending he can so that he my be a master.

Physical appearance: Avatar

Special Characteristics: He does have 1 scar which runs down his right shoulder. It extends to his neck but only noticeable when shirt is removed. Which is in the form of the dragon. He got it from the dragons of legend. The scar is a reminder that he needs to to be catious of what he does, he did make a promise to the dragons.

Pets: He has a baby pet dragon which is as big as his arm. He carry's it around cause it help him understand firebending at a more advacne level and even teaches Roku. It is also a great pet, and will soon grow big enough to be able to ride on.

Other Weapons: Roku has dual broad swords, 2 parts of the same sword. He uses the swords/sword to master another, they say that the dual swords have smoe what of a realationship to firebending. He also uses the swords in the time of an eclipse for protection and hunting. He also combines his firebending with his swords, which makes them a powerful combo.

Character History: Ruko was born in the fire nation,but under the family tree of the firelords brother. On his 10th birthday, he had discovered a hurt baby dragon and nursed it back to health, soon they became great friends. at age 13, he left the fire nation because of the assainnation on his father. It was to much for young roku so he left, leaving his last name behind and to become one with nature. Now roku is traveling all over the kingdoms in serch of training to become one of the greatest master of all time
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PostSubject: Re: Roku The New Legend   Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:48 am

I think you should add a little more history

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Roku The New Legend
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