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 Masaru the firebender *Added history*

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PostSubject: Masaru the firebender *Added history*   Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:28 am



Pet:Red Dragon

Looks:Pending please.


Country:Fire Nation(good)

Village/City/Temple: You pick a fire place


Personality:Brutal.Ruthless.Will not quit,surrender,or giveup.Genius.Quiet, Follows orders

Figthing Style/Skills:Mantis style, or shooting fireballs on type of my dragon.

History/Background Story:Masaru was a little boy when they put him into the arena. To prove himself he would have to kill all his other benders to prove he was the toughest one. IT was hard to kill his friends. But when he came out, he was different, he didnt care who he killed and never gave anybody mercy. He just did what the Nation requested of him, Regardless of the task. he did succeed, in killing all who opposed his path to greatness. So, it was decided, he was to be further trained and his skills enhanced. That way he could make his Nation proud. He could join the ranks of the other benders, but the time it took to train was terrible. He was pushed to his limits. He did things fast, but not fast enough. This training helped make him what he is now. A warrior,shows no mercy, does any task requested by his superiors. he hopes to one day lead a Special Ops team of Firebenders, to destroy the Nations enemies. This too, would take time. So he stands there today, in front of the S.T.G. building. S.T.G. is the Special Training Group. Where the most elite firebenders are made.
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PostSubject: Re: Masaru the firebender *Added history*   Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:30 am

great [approved] HA
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Masaru the firebender *Added history*
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